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MHS Celebrating NAIDOC Week

NAIDOC Week Celebrations at MHS

We will be celebrating 2016 NAIDOC Week with an assembly on Tuesday 19th July from 8.45am - 9.30am. This year's assembly will include special guest speaker Graham Davis-King, local Aboriginal artist and activist. We hope to see... Read more

Education Council: Nationally Consistent Collection of Data

FEATURE STORY: Marrickville High School is currently collating data for the National Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) on School Students with a disability. This is a mandatory annual collection that counts the number of... Read more

Marrickville's Got Talent 2016

Marrickville's Got Talent 2016

MHS is still buzzing with excitement from our annual Marrickville's Got Talent. The show is designed to give all of our students an opportunity to perform a range of repertoire onstage in front of fellow students, parents and the... Read more

A wonderful day was had by all as MHS students hos

MHS Students Host Senior Citizens Concert and Luncheon

A wonderful day was had by all as MHS students hosted a special music performance for 70 local senior citizens. The concert was a culmination of an 8-week music mentoring workshop 'Connecting Local Schools with Local Musicians'.... Read more

Marrickville's Got Talent

Marrickville's Got Talent

Marrickville High School's annual talent show is happening on Thursday 23rd June. We encourage all of our students to take part in this fun and enjoyable evening. In the past our students have performed comedy skits, instrumental... Read more

MHS Seniors Concert

MHS Presents Seniors Concert

Marrickville High School's Music Students would like to invite local seniors to a special Music Concert and lunch at Marrickville High School Wednesday 22 June 2016 11.00am - Lunch at 12.00pm Marrickville High School Hall RSVP... Read more

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